About Us

Company Profile

Taurus Communications is a professional consultancy providing a wide range of innovative and creative public relations solutions that is customised to each of our clients. The consultancy was established in 2013 by the managing director Kavitha Kalicharan.

Mission Statement

Taurus Communications is committed to providing Creative, Tailor-Made, Quality and Cost-Effective business solution strategies that ultimately works towards building sustainable and successful relationships with all key stakeholders.

Our Approach

  • Engage – At Taurus Communications we believe that every client has unique business requirements and our first step of the process is engaging with our client.
  • Assess – Assessing the needs of the organisation and then providing the necessary expertise to ensure a successful implementation of the processes. Throughout each of the processes we continuously engage with our clients to ensure that they are well informed. Through our expertise, we guide our clients to the best end result and to ensure that results are also sustainable.
  • Ongoing support – Our support to our clients is on-going. In the ever changing environment that we operate within, we strive for continuous innovation and renovation of business solutions to keep the business ahead of the rest by conducting on-going research and benchmarking exercises.

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Our Values

Our values are a reflection of the thinking behind our organisation. We hold these values in very high regard that remains unchanged over time. We are dedicated to ensuring that we provide the best quality creative strategic solutions with the key values as the foundation of our existence.

  • Integrity: To be trusted by all our stakeholders and partners. We believe in honesty and transparency which ultimately builds a solid foundation for a sustainable relationship.
  • Quality: We are committed to providing cost-effective creative business solutions ensuring that our clients and partners receive the highest quality of service. We provide services of a high quality together with an excellent turnaround time ensuring we meet our commitments.
  • Communication: We ensure that we are able to communicate to our stakeholders across the board. Our communication is flawless, transparent, engaging and is understood by all the recipients.

Our aim is to provide top-class, cost effective, quality Public Relations solutions to all of our clients. We offer a wide range of services that cater to the specific needs of any organisation. We continuously strive to innovate and renovate the solutions that we provide to meet the ever changing environments that we operate within.

What makes us even more competitive in this industry is the high quality business solutions that we provide to organisations which are value for money with an excellent turnaround time also focusing on attention to detail.